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Shivani is a journalist, broadcaster, and physicist (and gen Z - because apparently, people care about that)

In the evenings they moonlight as Dishi Sumac, the UK's unelected drag Prime Minister. What terrible policy and even worse dance moves. 

On the weekends, Shivani brings you the music to kick back to, on  Virgin Radio Chilled.  

Shivani is in the Radio Academy's 30 under 30, the Attitude 101 Honours list, a British LGBT+ Award 'Top 10 Broadcaster' of 2022, and shortlisted as a British Podcast Award 'Rising Star'.

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Upon graduating from the University of Nottingham with a physics degree, Shivani went on to complete an MSc at Imperial College, London.  During their time at university, Shivani became passionate about using storytelling to communicate science, health, and tech to a general audience. They combined this with their lifelong passion for radio and began working at the BBC.

Starting at the BBC World Service, it was here that Shivani developed their flair for production, editing, and on-air reporting. 

Since then they have gone on to present radio and digital content for a number of outlets including Radio 1, Radio 4, BBC Minute, Local Radio, and the BBC News Science department.

After leaving the BBC in 2021, Shivani presented audio programs including; The Guardian's, Science Weekly, Virgin Radio's Pride Drive Show, a podcast from Mermaids, She Said, They Said, and more!


Currently, they are broadcast for OpenlyNews on TikTok and Virgin Radio. In addition to being a regular contributor on Channel 5's The Jeremy Vine Show, Radio 5 Live and a guest presenter on Radio 4 Extra's Radio Podcast Hour.

Shivani does consultancy work in science communication and audio production. They have worked with a number of partners to provide media training. 

Shivani has a unique perspective on the world, they use their communication expertise to amplify the stories of marginalized voices, particularly from within the LGBTQ+ community and minority ethnic backgrounds. 

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