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Tune into Shivani's Virgin Radio Chilled shows on Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm or check out their latest viral TikTok at OpenlyNews.

Shivani is comfortable and professional behind a microphone or a camera.


Whether it is to millions on TV, a viral TikTok video or providing the nation with 'music to kick back to' they have an engaging style. 

They are a regular presenter on Virgin Radio Chilled, Virgin Radio Pride, and the breakfast show presenter at Pride Vibes. Shivani is also a regular political commentator on Good Morning Britain, Sky News, a range of BBC channels, Talk TV and more. 

They have presented shows with several radio broadcasters such as on BBC Radio 1, the breakfast show on Ireland's dedicated LGBTQ+ radio station - Pride Vibes, The Guardian's Science Weekly podcast, a range of different BBC Local Radio stations, and Gaydio.


Presenting digital content, they have made videos for the BBC World Service, where they used their scientific background to file in-depth reports from COP. 

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